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BONUS: My Very First Episode, Featuring Paul Thompson!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to publish my first ever recording of a podcast, because it was a huge milestone for me to have finally beat back the doubt demons and just press record! It features a conversation with the star of episode #2, Paul Thompson. We had an awesome time discussing the music business, including some of our favorite artists, as well as exploring the current and future state of how we consume music.

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#4 – Alejandro Bernard & Zac Davenport: Tales from Lansing, NY

This episode features my first take at interviewing more than one person at a time, but it includes two of my best friends from childhood to take the edge off. We delved into numerous topics including high school hijinx, social status related to athletic involvement, and their experience growing up as only children with a single mom, and how that impacted their development as men.

This was a blast to record, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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Alejandro Bernard-Papachryssanthou currently resides in Ithaca, NY where he teaches private music lessons and lives with his wife Alice, a local librarian. They are excitedly renovating their first house.

Zac Davenport is a healthcare IT systems engineer, also residing in Ithaca. In his spare time he enjoys board gaming, growing his real estate rental business, and daydreaming about numerous screenplays he has yet to finish.

#3 – Megan Metzger: Don’t Fight With Strangers on the Internet

Dr. Megan Metzger recently completed her PhD in Politics from New York University, and is currently on a Carnegie Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Russian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this episode we discuss the impact of social media in our own lives, and explore some tactics to avoid the pressures and misleading identities people promote of themselves. We also discuss when quitting is the right decision, and how important it is to celebrate your victories, big and small.

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Article discussed: Eighth graders not spending time with their friends:

Book Series: Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series:


#2 – Paul Thompson: A Writer’s Challenge

Paul Thompson (@thom_pson on twitter) is a freelance music writer based in Chicago, Illinois. He has written for outlets such as Pitchfork and Vice. We discuss his career, and take a deep dive inside the mind of a writer, dissecting elements such as writer’s block, the struggles of chasing down freelance work and striving for work/life balance.  We also cover how the rapidly changing music industry has impacted his personal story.

P.S. I added some beats to this one, hope you all dig it 🙂

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#1 – CPT Bradley Boone: Positivity Conquers the Unknown

CPT Bradley Boone (@ba.boone on Instagram) is a Special Forces Officer in the United States Army. In this conversation, he discusses his childhood in a military family, never spending longer than 23 months in the same place. He then discusses his experience attending West Point, applying to Army Ranger school, and what tactics he’s used and continues to use when encountering fear, embracing the unknown and believing in positivity. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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Books Mentioned:

Stay Interesting by Jonathan Goldsmith

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram

The Alchemist by Paulo Cuelho

Podcasts Mentioned:

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Freakonomics Radio

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law by Roman Mars

Up and Vanished by Tenderfoot


Welcome to Finding Fulfillment!

Struggling with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Have you just achieved a huge milestone and are thinking, “now what?” Are you in a great situation in life that on paper you should be happy with, yet something just doesn’t quite feel right? Does your social media feed just make you feel like everyone else’s life is just a little bit more fun, sexy, adventurous, care-free, exciting, FULFILLING? This podcast seeks to help anybody looking to improve their quality of life and find satisfaction and contentment. We will be speaking with people of various professions and social situations to examine how regular people try to make the most of each day. It will feature positive self-talk strategies, daily routines, ways to view success and failure, as well as tactics to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in a culture that’s incredibly connected yet seems increasingly isolated and lonely. One of the main goals is to provide actionable takeaways that you can immediately try in your own life, regardless of your financial or personal situation.