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#13 – Seth Williams: Push Your Ego Aside

Seth Williams is a veterinary medicine student at the University of Missouri, based in Columbia, MO. Seth and I first met in the University of Miami Drumline, and proceeded to share the drum chair in both Men’s and Women’s Basketball bands, as well as each serving terms as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia chapter president. Along with both studying music business and entertainment at UM, we have quite a few things in common!

In this episode, we take a deeper look at Seth’s upbringing and family dynamic, as well as the impact of growing up within the Jewish community of St. Louis. Seth has made some significant pivots in his life, and we take a look at what went into making those decisions, and how they’ve shaped him into the soon-to-be veterinarian, husband and now father!

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#12 – Todd “Toddzilla” Austin: Be Yourself…No, Really

Todd “Toddzilla” Austin is a musician, songwriter, bandleader and guitar expert based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Todd has been a Nashville icon for over 20 years, with his signature style and jaw-dropping guitar performances. He has also been a fixture for many years as electric guitar guru at Nashville’s premier independent professional music store, Corner Music.

Todd and I go back to the roots and discovery of music and guitar in his life, and how creativity and artistic expression has been paramount from the very beginning. We also cover strategies to reveal and nurture your own true personal identity and essence, and how important it is to be bold, loud and proud with what makes YOU special.

In addition, we officially announced the launch of our new musical endeavor, Toddzilla’s Rip-Roarin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Big Top…hopefully coming to a town near you!

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#11 – Jenny Denk: The Power of Music

Jenny Denk is a board-certified music therapist and bereavement coordinator based in Austin, Texas. I met Jenny in The Band of the Hour marching band at the University of Miami, and our collective love for the school and its’ athletics has kept us in touch over the years.

I find music therapy absolutely fascinating, and Jenny has been active in three different cities over 8 years in the field. We discuss the challenges of attending a university far from home, how to stay grounded in the face of isolation, and how to bring pieces of home along with you wherever you go. We also discuss how her faith guides her music therapy practice, as well as influences all aspects of her life.

Show Notes: – American Music Therapy Association Homepage – The Certification Board for Music Therapists

Music to Check Out: Andy Grammar – “Fresh Eyes”

#10 – David Ask: Take it Slow

David Ask is a vocalist, published author and product designer based in Nashville, TN. In our most personal episode thus far, we discuss growing up in musical households, and how that contributed to the paths we eventually pursued later in life. We also examined our individual faith journeys as Christian men, and the ups and downs that life puts us through, which can challenge even the most firmly-believed tenants and values we have in life.

Please visit David’s website for links to his music (also on Spotify), as well as the children’s book he wrote, Fire and Ice: “The Very Scary Noise in the Trunk.”

Lastly, David’s StatGuardPlus Thermostat Cover with Combination Lock is available at Home Depot.

#9 – Blair Breitreiter: Lose Your Phone

Blair Breitreiter is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, comic book author/illustrator, web designer and graphic designer located in Huntsville, Alabama. Blair and I are members of the alternative rock band Absinthe Junk (, and have played in various other projects throughout the last nearly 10 years. She is an absolute creative powerhouse, and I was so thrilled to have her join me to discuss her experience finding her way as an artist, professional musician and social media frenemy.

Please check out Absinthe Junk on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp and YouTube.

Blair’s graphic novel Star Cross’d Destiny can be found here:

She also has a Patreon page to view her other work:

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#8 – Ruthie Collins: What Would Your Middle School Self Say?

Ruthie Collins is a Curb Records recording artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Western New York, she has been a musician all of her life, and found her way to Nashville to pursue her dream.

Ruthie describes what life is like for a Nashville recording artist, and how it can be so easy to fall into the trap of competition with the artists around you, sometimes losing sight of how much progress or success you might be experiencing.

Ruthie’s full-length album “Get Drunk And Cry” was recently released and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. She also created a short film that encompasses numerous tracks on the album, which can be seen on her Facebook page as well as on YouTube.

She can also be seen on Saturday mornings at 9/8c as part of the Home.Made program on A&E.

For everything else Ruthie, please visit her website .

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#7 – A Note for the Holidays

Hey Everyone! This is just a quick episode to touch on a couple of things to keep in mind during the holiday season, along with some of my favorite books I’ve read and apps I use.

I’ve had a blast with the podcast so far this year, and I can’t wait to keep it going and growing into 2018!

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#6 – Dune Baydoun & Daniel Brown: What Are You Waiting For?

What a fun conversation this was with two former co-workers and good friends. I worked alongside these fellas for years in the musical instrument business, working events across the country, and they even took video of my wedding!

We cover strategies on facing the unknown, handling feedback, separating professional and personal worth, and how you can find opportunities to activate your creative abilities!

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Dune Baydoun is a professional photographer/videographer. He lives in the outskirts of Nashville with his two daughters.

Daniel Brown is a travel and event photographer based in Nashville, TN. Daniel is a full-time designer, part-time wedding photographer, and a chronic traveler for all the time in-between.


Album – Childish Gambino: “Awaken, My Love!”

Show – HBO’s “The Defiant Ones”

#5 – Nick D’Angiolillo: Be Your Authentic Self

Nick D’Angiolillo is the Director of Licensing & Library Services at Naxos Music Group. I have known Nick since his freshmen year at the University of Miami (FL), where we both played in the Band of the Hour drumline.

Our conversation digs deep into self-talk and decision-making processes, along with an exploration into what success should really mean. What makes this episode special, however, is Nick taking us through his difficult journey of self-discovery, while battling through fear, insecurity and concerns of approval and acceptance. His story is very powerful, and is a message of strength and confidence that everyone needs to hear.

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Show Notes:

Book mentioned –  The G Quotient: Why Gay Executives are Excelling as Leaders…And What Every Manager Needs to Know by Kirk Snyder