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#12 – Todd “Toddzilla” Austin: Be Yourself…No, Really

Todd “Toddzilla” Austin is a musician, songwriter, bandleader and guitar expert based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Todd has been a Nashville icon for over 20 years, with his signature style and jaw-dropping guitar performances. He has also been a fixture for many years as electric guitar guru at Nashville’s premier independent professional music store, Corner Music.

Todd and I go back to the roots and discovery of music and guitar in his life, and how creativity and artistic expression has been paramount from the very beginning. We also cover strategies to reveal and nurture your own true personal identity and essence, and how important it is to be bold, loud and proud with what makes YOU special.

In addition, we officially announced the launch of our new musical endeavor, Toddzilla’s Rip-Roarin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll Big Top…hopefully coming to a town near you!

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