#11 – Jenny Denk: The Power of Music

Jenny Denk is a board-certified music therapist and bereavement coordinator based in Austin, Texas. I met Jenny in The Band of the Hour marching band at the University of Miami, and our collective love for the school and its’ athletics has kept us in touch over the years.

I find music therapy absolutely fascinating, and Jenny has been active in three different cities over 8 years in the field. We discuss the challenges of attending a university far from home, how to stay grounded in the face of isolation, and how to bring pieces of home along with you wherever you go. We also discuss how her faith guides her music therapy practice, as well as influences all aspects of her life.

Show Notes:

www.musictherapy.org – American Music Therapy Association Homepage

www.cbmt.org – The Certification Board for Music Therapists

Music to Check Out: Andy Grammar – “Fresh Eyes”