#8 – Ruthie Collins: What Would Your Middle School Self Say?

Ruthie Collins is a Curb Records recording artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Western New York, she has been a musician all of her life, and found her way to Nashville to pursue her dream.

Ruthie describes what life is like for a Nashville recording artist, and how it can be so easy to fall into the trap of competition with the artists around you, sometimes losing sight of how much progress or success you might be experiencing.

Ruthie’s full-length album “Get Drunk And Cry” was recently released and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. She also created a short film that encompasses numerous tracks on the album, which can be seen on her Facebook page as well as on YouTube.

She can also be seen on Saturday mornings at 9/8c as part of the Home.Made program on A&E.

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