Welcome to Finding Fulfillment!

Struggling with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Have you just achieved a huge milestone and are thinking, “now what?” Are you in a great situation in life that on paper you should be happy with, yet something just doesn’t quite feel right? Does your social media feed just make you feel like everyone else’s life is just a little bit more fun, sexy, adventurous, care-free, exciting, FULFILLING? This podcast seeks to help anybody looking to improve their quality of life and find satisfaction and contentment. We will be speaking with people of various professions and social situations to examine how regular people try to make the most of each day. It will feature positive self-talk strategies, daily routines, ways to view success and failure, as well as tactics to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in a culture that’s incredibly connected yet seems increasingly isolated and lonely. One of the main goals is to provide actionable takeaways that you can immediately try in your own life, regardless of your financial or personal situation.